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Implementation and evaluation of bio-mechanical models for motion capturing


Todays motion capturing techniques utilize so-called Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) to estimate the orientation of the different limbs. These IMUs can be placed independently on the body surface, and once attached, start measuring and sending their current orientation estimate. As the IMUs are attached on soft tissue, they are not able to measure the actual limb orientation due to the deformation of the soft tissue during movements. To overcome this limitation a so-called bio-mechanical model is integrated into the motion capturing process. This model is intended to take into account these deformations.


During this thesis, such bio-mechanical models are developed and integrated into an existing motion capturing framework. After the implementation and optimization process, an evaluation and comparison of the performance of the different bio-mechanical models will be done.


  • Good skills in C++
  • Interest in optimization techniques, such as least squares, Kalman filters, particle filters, ...
  • Ability to get into and to work with unfamiliar code and frameworks, and proper code documentation
  • OpenGL basics recommended
  • Basic knowledge of GUI development recommended
  • Motivation and independent working


Jochen Kempfle ( jochen.kempfle@uni-sie.. )