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Offene Stellen

These are the categories in which jobs are either vacant or might become available in our group:

PhD students

We are also frequently looking for Doctoral Students for our group, in the area of Ubiquitous and Wearable Computing. Contact us when you are highly motivated and capable to address and solve scientifically difficult problems, and you are interested in doing research in a young and internationally oriented research team.

Research Assistant (SHK / WHF / WHK)

To strengthen our production of wearable sensors and systems, we are always looking for additional student assistants. Those should be experienced in hardware design or software development.

In the fields of hardware design, we are looking for students with experience in PCB design, as well as reflow oven soldering with laser stencils. Let us know if you are capable and interested in doing small design tasks (two-layered board designs of maximally 30-40 SMD components) in a typical CAD/CAM design package such as Eagle or Altium. For encasing our wearable sensors, we are seeking motivated students with experience in 3D CAD design, 3D-printing technology, injection molding or laser cutting.

In the fields of software, we are looking for students being experienced in embedded programming to help us in developing software for novel embedded platforms like Google Glass, Android Wear smartwatches, or Intel Edison.

On top of this, we have some particular vacant topics for SHK / WHF / WHK research assistants:

  • [HW] Design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for our prototypes

SHK, Studentische Hilfskraft: research assistant without a bachelor or master degree. WHF, Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft: research assistant with a bachelor degree. WHK, Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft: research assistant with a master degree.

Bachelor's or Master's Thesis

We are always looking for motivated students to do their final Bachelor's or Master's theses within our group. Below you can find current topics that have not been filled in yet. Alternatively, you can approach us with your idea which is required to have a strong scientific potential within the scope of our group - check our research section. Though, do not hesitate to contact us!

Vacant topics for Bachelor's or Master's theses:

HW, hardware: Mainly related to hardware design. SW, software: Mainly related to software development. US, user study: Based on a user study.