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Optimization of an embedded Linux smartwatch


This Masters Thesis aims at improving our embedded Linux smartwatch, which is custom-built for continuous wearing for weeks without recharging. It consists of an energy-efficient display, a modern dual-core processor design with an additional powerful microcontroller, as well as more than 20 on-board sensors, all in a minial package and a powerful battery. The smartwatch is used in several clinical trials to monitor patients day and night with advanced sensors that capture motion, posture, environmental and physiological state.


This thesis is perfect for those that are already familiar with Linux and would like to improve their skills in embedded Linux platforms, where power efficiency and simplicity are key. The starting point is a working unit that uses a standard embedded Linux distribution, which in the course of the thesis will be evaluated and optimized for energy-efficiency. Key concepts, such as the systemd init system or Linux' power management, will be explored and tested for efficiency. 

Tasks and Requirements

  • Custom Linux image design through existing tools and embedded Linux concepts
  • Basic Linux knowledge and the desire to acquire more expertise in this area
  • Evaluation of an embedded system's energy efficiency

Kristof Van Laerhoven ( kvl@eti.uni-sie.. )